Salt and Pepper Grinder - Premium 2 in 1 Stainless Steel  Combo Set

Salt and Pepper Grinder - Premium 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Combo Set

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  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL SALT AND PEPPER GRINDER: This salt n pepper grinder shaker features a modern stylish design and is elegant enough for kitchen-to-table use! This unique shaker comes with two grinders in one piece, taking up less space on your table than a set of two individual ones. It also includes lids to close after grinding, keeping it neat and clean. The stainless steel top easily screws off revealing a wide opening making it easily refillable and mess free.
  • FRESH SPICES: Once spices are ground, they begin to oxidize and quickly start to lose their potency. Making regular use of a grinder for your coarse salt or peppercorn will provide fresh spices and raise your standards for food preparation. A small to medium sized mill is best for a home kitchen because the spices tend to lose their flavor as they age, and you do not want to leave them sitting around in a large one for too long. The clear plastic bodies will tell you when it is time to refill.
  • CERAMIC MECHANISM GREAT FOR SALT: These ceramic mills are best to crush Himalayan, pink, Celtic, or grey salts, since salt is not as compatible with metal grinding parts. Even corrosion-resistant metal will not be as long-lasting for the purpose of grinding salt as a ceramic mill would be.
  • COARSENESS SETTINGS: A truly superior quality pepper-mill which allows the user to change the fineness or coarseness of the grind, based on the chef's needs. Just turn the knob clockwise to a tighter position for a finer grind and counterclockwise to a looser position for a coarser grind. (Use caution not to turn the knob too tight, it won't be able to turn.)
  • MANUALLY OPERATED; A manually activated hand mill, simply by turning the top, is typically the better choice for the kitchen than a push button power motorized . No tacky electrical crusher means no battery required and no sudden mechanical breakdowns, which are common to automatic electric shakers. This dual manual grinder is your best choice!

Type: Mills
Mills Type: Salt & Pepper Mills
Material: Metal
Metal Type: Aluminum Alloy
Certification: CE / EU,FDA
Feature: Eco-Friendly